Faces of Death 1978 file sharing

  • Mary Ellen Brighton
  • genre=Horror, Documentary
  • 4,6 of 10
  • Writer=John Alan Schwartz
  • Directed by=John Alan Schwartz




Of all the titles to make it onto the official UK DPP Video Nasties list during the video witch-hunt of the 1980s, Faces of Death has got to be one of the most disturbing. Presented as a factual documentary by pathologist Dr. Francis B. Gröss (Michael Carr) the film is, in reality, an exploitative combination of graphic, real-life violence and simulated scenes of nastiness designed to cash in our morbid curiosity about violent death; those looking for an educational experience will no doubt feel let down by the lack of in-depth insight, but those wishing to test their limits will not be disappointed by the catalogue of atrocities on display.