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Level 1 To be fair, I sometimes tip in cash. level 2 Same. But I wouldnt post something that made someone think I maybe didnt tip level 2 But probably not when you are trying to flex and make it seem like you have lots of disposable income 🤷‍♀️ level 2 Cash, or I just ask them to up the total that they run to include my tip. level 1 Sis paid way too much for those nails level 2 Sis got scammed. imo those look like someone glued half a grape to her nail, slapped on some polish and called it good level 2 It could just be the lighting but her pointer finger also looks That is a thiiickkk layer of polish. level 2 Ugly color ugly shape just frickin ugly level 2 Idk if that was dip powder and her natural nail has a terrible shape, the best the salon can do is make sure the application is smooth. Which it looks like it is. level 2 Im hoping thats the haircut she mentioned 🙊 level 1 BARELY MAKING IT THRU THE MONTH BUT IMMA SPEND MY Y CARD MONEY ON ME, NOT FOR AN EMERGENCY SUPPLY OF FOOD OR CASH SINCE IVE PUT MY FAMILYS BANK ACCOUNT IN THE HOLE 💳⚰️📉 level 2 Don't judge how poor people spend their money. I've been damn poor, raising three kids on my own, going to school bla bla bla... I've made a couple purchases here and there that would likely be harshly judged if I admitted them out loud. But every single one was a matter of sanity and self respect. That being said. We already know that uplines encourage their poor downlines to be showing off and living as if they are💄 really 🦄making🌈 it👏🏽 on🥂 their🎉 journey 👠 level 1 She paid for that manicure? It looks level 2 Right? It reminds me of the "bubble nail challenge. If you don't know what that is, find Simply Nailogocal (Cristine) on YouTube. It's horrific. But she's amazing, so... level 2 At least it will match her makeup level 2 I do my own gel polish at home and it doesnt even look that chunky, and Im amateur as fuck Karma maybe? Scammer got scammed? level 1 I hate when people confuse have with of, that annoys me more than the tacky ass post level 2 Thank you. English second language here and I still can tell the difference.

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Radar Pictures of Los Angeles headed by Ted Field, whose feature films, including “The Last Samurai”, “The Chronicles of Riddick” and “Runaway Bride”, have grossed 3. 25 billion since 1984, has… Early in 2006, C. O. R. E. Feature Animation delivered the animation for Walt Disney Pictures feature, THE WILD. The production, released in spring of 2006, was fully animated in C. s downtown Toronto… C. Digital Pictures Vietnam Add: 180 Dinh Thon – My Dinh – Ha Noi Email: email protected] Phone: 0964600828 C. Digital Pictures Inc. 461 King Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V… In the spring of 1994, armed with the idea that a studio designed by artists for artists would promote the best creative environment, Bob Munroe, John Mariella, Kyle Menzies and….

Ecowatch fireflies. E.c.o. watch free music. Level 2 Came here to say this. Mitski is a 2x multiplier in whatever point system this is. level 1 Nice to see another Radical Face fan in the wild, especially on this sub! level 2 Younger was my top song too: level 1 hey thanks for reminding me of rilo kiley! level 2 i always thought you were cool Original Poster 1 point 1 month ago level 1 This year I got 148 hours of listening to the Mountain Goats and 85. 000 minutes total. So thats a good about 1/10 of my listens this year level 1 I spent 394 hours listening to the mountain goats this year. At first I thought, that's a heck of a lot. Then I thought, that's only about an hour a day. Then I remembered that I listen to the mountain goats on youtube more often than I do on spotify. level 2 i always thought you were cool Original Poster 1 point 1 month ago yeah I have a similar thing where I almost exclusively listen to the old stuff on spotify because I bought the newer albums and listen to them separately, and I spend a lot of time listening on youtube as well. I did only log 67 hours on spotify though so you've definitely got me beat, 394 alone would be crazy level 1 Bonus points for the trailer song from Perks level 1 Literally all my top ten songs this year were tmg. It was almost embarassing level 1 Most of the time I guess I felt alright 1 point 1 month ago Mine was the same except for Best Coast in 2015 because it's basically all I listened to that summer level 1 Damn I'm only tMG 2015-present level 1 I've been told it's real sweet to grow old. 1 point 1 month ago level 1 IIIII AM GONNA LIS-TEN TO THIS YEAR, UNTIL IT KILLS ME! level 1 This feature is the only reason I regret leaving Spotify. Sigh.

Ecowatch for windows. Ecowatch fast fashion. Eco watch repair. E.C.O. Watch free online. E.C.O. Watch free download. Level 1 But... cant dragons polymorph? level 2 Not all. For example, Copper and brass can, Black and red can't. The "social" dragons are the ones that are most like to change ( mainly to gather knowledge and to mess with people) level 1 I mean if you're gonna shag a magical, millennia old, winged lizard, you may as well have the proper equipment. level 1 Or you could put on a ring of water breathing and just climb right in there. level 1 My second character was a dragonborn sorcerer who's goal was to become a dragon. Never got to a high enough level for true polymorphic though. level 2 Good thing too. Imagine his disappointment when he found out that sorcerer's can't even learn true polymorph level 1 isn't there a line in one of the handbooks saying that "some dragons are compatible with humans" or something.

E.c.o. watch free hd. Level 1 My man just twist the cap off and pull it dont worry about being gentle, the piece underneath is metal and that cap isnt Important. Pop it off and then each twist is a dose obviously I tend to use around 4-5. After you are done lick the tip since its edible, and twist the dose thing opposite slightly to put some reverse pressure on the oil so it doesnt leak out as much. Enjoy 🌱 level 1 I got it open everyone. Thank you level 1 Is this RSO? And what Dispensary did you buy this at? Im from Athens and havent seen an RSO syringe yet! Please Educate me! level 2 Yeah its RSO, I got it at Soothe in Bowling Green. The other RSO syringes Ive seen are just like any other syringe, you just push the plunger down, this one has a whole mechanism that makes it easier to get specific doses. I hope to try it soon but the cap just will not come off, its ridiculous. level 1 In my experience with those types of caps on the oil syringes, you kind of just have to pull on it's rubbery and stretching just keep pulling and trying to twist it in the right direction... they are a pain in the it's good that they make it just shouldn't be stonerproof.

Eco watch for men. E.c.o. watch free live stream. E.c.o. watch free live. E.c.o. watch free online. Eco watch for women. #The subreddit is now under new management. We get it, getting karma points on Reddit can be extremely tricky. That's why we're here! We are a collection of Redditors who will, well, upvote stuff! Post a picture, a joke, an interesting article, and you're bound to get some positive karma. Eco watch reviews. E.c.o. watch free tv. E.C.O. Watch.

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