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  • Karan Razdan
  • Karan Razdan
  • Resume=London-return shipping corporation business-man, Rahul Choudhory is in love at first sight with attractive Sapna, when Sapna gets to learn of this, she too is attracted to him. Rahul is soon introduced to Tanya; who is Sapna's best friend. After sometime Rahul became quite suspicious about Tanya that she maybe having an intimate relationship with Sapna under the pretext of friendship. Rahul then opens up an investigation where-by on one occasion he even gets Tanya to confess that she hated the male sex from an early age. On another occasion, Sapna confesses of physical intimacy with Tanya. With enough information to convince him that his girlfriend is involved with a transgender; Rahul attempts to put a stop to this by introducing Sapna to his mother thus talking her into marriage plans but when Tanya gets to learn of this she starts to show her true colors by openly confessing of her love for Sapna as well as scheming a devious plan to harm Rahul so that Sapna remains with her for a lifetime



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The Girlfriend Game on Vimeo. If one is looking for typical Bollywood fare or cannot handle atypical sexuality, stay away from this movie.
The movie certainly lacks in many ways: the acting was average at best. Isha Koppikar (Tanya) overdoes it, Amrita Arora (Sapna)is barely believable, and Aashish Chaudhary does what he could to support them. Some scenes such as Tanya's 'Matrix' style fights were pathetic and laughable. The music was fair, but the sceneries (including the human scenes) were delightful! Isha is very pleasing to the eyes in this movie, and I hear that Chaudhary excited his female viewers too. There were a few 'hot' scenes, very suggestive, very fleshy, but no explicit sex, no lip to lip meets.
The movie touches on a few social issues. Why did Tanya become the man-hater that she was? Is this a current issue in India? From what I have been hearing, very much so! The movie certainly explained why she became a man hater, but I have trouble believing that the movie suggests that it was the direct reason for her lesbian leaning. I can more accept that it led to her psychopathic behaviour. If it was an attempt to explore homosexuality, it failed; but it successfully said that homosexualism was a part of the social fabric of sex tabooed India, the land that gave us the Kama Sutra and the Tantras. whether we like it or not.
Apart from the lesbian lover element and 'hot scenes' it is a straightforward love triangle story.
If you are the conservative type and are overburdened by too much sexual taboo, this movie is not for you. For the others. it is a good watch. Then wonder why the din, the protests. Then have a good laugh. twice the entertainment on a single billing.

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