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Tomatometer: 5,2 of 10 / Release date: 1995 / Country: USA / liked it: 90 Votes / Directors: Lloyd A. Simandl


I watched this movie because I like movies about Germans or other types falling for Jews during this time period. I have never seen any of the actors in anything else before, so I can't judge them on previous roles. I thought it was an all right movie, not great, but not bad either.

I liked the way Beata Pozniak played Ingrid, she was quite nasty and vile, but I loved her. She actually had the best role. I loved her voice, and she was very stunning.
Lisha, who played Celandine, wasn't the best. There was really nothing to Celandine, you didn't really feel any emotions for her. I don't feel that I got to know her.
Peter Steiner, played by Stephen Nichols, gave me that same feeling. Peter was very underdeveloped. You just didn't care about these people.
As for the sex, I didn't see that there was anything porn-like about it.
Stephen just looks too old to play this role, though. I mean, really.

The parts that really made me feel something in this film were Beata's scenes, the shots of the real Nazi Soldiers and Hitler, and the scene between Peter and Celandine in the car.
The real shots of the Nazi soldiers made me shudder. Those were just creepy.
The scene in the car was SO romantic, and actually, it was more erotic in my mind, the way they touched hands.

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