year=2004. Klaus Menzel, Daryl Haney. Genre=Romance. tomatometers=3,8 of 10 Star. Summary=Fascination is a movie starring James Naughton, Jacqueline Bisset, and Adam Garcia. Only a few weeks after her husband's mysterious death, Maureen returns from a cruise with handsome Brit Oliver Vance in tow. Her son Scott is

2004 Fascination



I really liked "Fascination" and agree with many of the users: it is a joyride, Adam Garcia is sexy, the locations are gorgeous. But it's not just a story about a son who suspects his mother of murdering his dead, it is also about a woman who lived in a loveless marriage and now wants to live the life she had thought she'd have. The director Klaus Menzel also tells this part beautifully and gives it equal weight in a story that could easily be just about thrills and passion, but really is about something more: love as a catalyst and as a chain that binds. And as a dangerous business. I hate to say it, but this film is much deeper than most people (even those who like it) give it credit for.

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